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Gallery Folders

3 draeneis facing the Burning Legion by ipheli
Portrait of Crystael by CarlaCmr
where your heart lies || tyrande x illidan by retromortis
Grizzly Hills by PersonalAmi
Midsummer Fire Festival - Featured Holiday
Hinoto Cartoon by Hinoto91
Fiery Gift by InterstellarDeej
Midsummer Fire Festival Elf by Artemissz
A Fiery Goldshire Picnic by Peach-Jelly
- Digtal Art -
Sargeras' Swords by Karoosa
Demon Hunter WoW! by Ange1Witch
Farsalia the Worgen Hunter by miaushka-workshop
Temple of the five dawns by Deadguybeer
Traditional Art
Sylvanas and Varian by xxXBigWaveXxx
World of Warcraft - Strength of a true warrior 3 by Tyrannuss555
WoW - Varian by KrumpZero
World of Warcraft - Tristan vs Sindragosa 2 by Tyrannuss555
Hearthstone match - Valeera vs Jaina by Narga-Lifestream
Cosplay: Tier 11 Druid by miaushka-workshop
Cosplay: Tier 11 Druid by miaushka-workshop
Cosplay: Tier 11 Druid by miaushka-workshop
Photography, Sculptures, and Crafts
World of Warcraft - Lich King by Narga-Lifestream
Hearthstone Leather Darnas Cardwallet by Arnakhat
Meeting stone pendant by Esperanta-Dragon
Warcraft Hearthstone (glowing) by DeathMystery
-Crest- Scarlet Crusade by Celestalon
Rowena Elder by Celestalon
[cause it's my problem...] by FelTainted
Jaina Proudmoore. Madness Of Jaina by DenikaKiomi
Line Art
Grommash Hellscream by arianat
Rogue. Blood elf by Cancer--chan
WIP. Kargath/Kilrogg by Variones
WoW by arianat
Davis's braid by RukiexRamen
Ashbringer by Variee
-Collecting What Was Once Broken- by Traconian
Spy fiction: Missing squad by missVarlou
Model Viewer - Screenshot - Manipulations
Commission: Palinoori by SkullCandister
Screenshot 129 - Maskurade Updated Model by maskurade
43. Deep In Thought by maskurade
Charzan [WMV Edit] by TallmanCreations
Sylvanas by ArturoGC
Bloodelven Raiders by Ethakar
[SFM] Stand Against The Legion by MullinstheGreat
On the Shores of Stranglethorn by PaintedInWords
Pixel Art
The Lion and whisper of death (death knight) by Kimyri
Alexstrasza by kenlybop
Time to raid! by TaviTurnip
Krufcia by Volverinka
[GIF] Mogi Rumblegrit - Argent Archives Banner by Sindaru
[gif] Mindaru Dan'gan - Argent Archives Banner by Sindaru
Kingdom Hearts - World of Warcraft by Vitor-Aizen
Atia's armour - step by step by Nemhainn
Signature Banners
Hordek Signature - World of Warcraft by ginnypinny
Shockvalue Signature - World of Warcraft by ginnypinny
Carambola Signature - World of Warcraft by ginnypinny
Draenei Warrior Chat Cover by RawrArtworks
In-Game Holidays
Little Solider by Young-M
WOW-Happy Children_s Week Dear by Rosalind-WT
Harshness of life. by Kvitte
children's week by kng-bowser
Wallpaper request - Ashrynn by RawrArtworks
Lunatara Wallpaper - World of Warcraft by ginnypinny
The Return - World of Warcraft by ginnypinny
Wallpaper request - Kazoon by RawrArtworks
World Of Warcraft - Tylaa vs Ner'Zhul by Tyrannuss555
World of Warcraft - Tristan's Mak'gora 3 by Tyrannuss555
Darkspear Witch Doctors by WilliamTr
Darnassus Druids by WilliamTr
Child of flame - proccess by LadyStarstruck
Night Elf / Blood Elf tutorial, warcraft by Naariel
World of Warcraft Orc Cosplay WIP 18 SKS Props by SKSProps
Tutorial: WoW Model Editing (GIMP) by Sorelstrasz
Mature Content

Mature Content

World of Warcraft - Daughter of Light and Night by Tyrannuss555

Mature Content

Ero Chromie by VegaNya

Mature Content

NSFW Commission Pin-Up: Isa by MischiArt

Mature Content

Sylvanas Windrunner by kresto1
Work In Progress WIP
World of warcraft character sketch by arianat
Nilistha [WIP] by InnoVatezz
Chromie - HotS - WoW by Magdalene-Cross
Sir Zeliek v.2 lineart by Esperanta-Dragon


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World of Warcraft Grouple by tobysq

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This also includes the buying, trading or selling of accounts.
:bulletblue: Admins remain the right to refuse artworks based on content

:sun: :onfire:

Hey everyone! I didn't get a chance to make our normal more detailed in game holiday journal, but here is a link to Wowhead's guide!…

Lord Ahune's gear has been updated to ilvl 670 . The Frostscythe would be a great addition in preparation for the Transmog system!

I also updated the featured holiday folder. Please feel free to submit here:  the-warcraft-legion.deviantart…

Happy Burning Blossom Collecting!

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